After she hid her pregnancy for 9 months … the “Star Academy” star gives birth to her baby (video)


The Egyptian actress and star of Star Academy Lara Iskandar gave birth to her first child from her husband Philip Cachoni, after hiding her pregnancy from her fans and followers for 9 months.
Lara surprised the followers and published a video clip from a photo session she underwent to an Arabic magazine two weeks ago, in which she revealed her swollen stomach and that she had recently given birth.

Lara wrote in the video: “2020 was a year, all strange events, and it was not easy for many people, and I am one of them. But at the beginning of the year I discovered that our Lord had sent me.

A gift and a blessing that filled me with hope. I always knew that I would not announce the news until the appropriate time, because there is no need for something more sacred than if a small person is growing up in your air. The right time is now. ”

Lara concluded, saying, “I always try to share my news with you as much as I can, but always willingly, I make sure to be within fixed limits when the news is related to my personal life and the life of my family.”


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