After his photos with Israelis … Muhammad Ramadan was permanently suspended from work


After the spread of a picture of the Egyptian artist Muhammad Ramadan gathering with the Israeli singer “Omir Adam” in Dubai, UAE, the Theatrical Professions Syndicate announces that Ramadan will be permanently suspended from work, until he appears for the investigation in the first week of next December.

  • The “Israel in Arabic” page publishes a picture of Mohammed Ramadan with Israeli singer “Omir Adam” in Dubai, UAE

The Egyptian Acting Professions Syndicate, headed by Ashraf Zaki, announced today, Monday, that artist Mohamed Ramadan will be permanently suspended from work until he appears for investigation in the first week of next December, because of his recently published pictures with Israelis.

This came after the emergency meeting held by the Art Syndicate Union, attended by Omar Abdel Aziz, President of the Art Syndicates Federation, Massad Fouda, President of the Filmmakers Syndicate, and representatives from the Syndicate of Musical Professions as well as members of the Representative Professions Syndicate Council, including Sami Maghouri, Munir Makram and Ayman Azab .

The Council of the Syndicate of Representative Professions issued a statement yesterday stating that “in the last hours, he followed up with all interest and responsibility stemming from a national position that represents the masses of Egyptian artists and creators of what happened to one of the members of the Syndicate in an artistic gathering in a sister Arab city, and he took pictures with artists belonging to the entity. Angry. ”

The Representative Professions Syndicate affirmed “the full and complete support for the rights of the Palestinian people, the union’s commitment to the collective position of Egyptian artists, and its permanent adherence to the positions and decisions of the Egyptian and Arab artistic union federations towards such behavior,” considering that this position fully realizes the difference between the official treaties that Arab governments are bound by and the position Popular, cultural and artistic issue of normalization. ”

The Bar Council affirmed that it reserves its right to take whatever actions and decisions it deems appropriate in light of the internal regulations and laws regulating the union’s work.

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, confirmed, yesterday, Sunday, that he “did not know the person who took a picture with him,” after the “Israel in Arabic” page published a photo of Ramadan with the Israeli singer, “Omir Adam” in Dubai, UAE.


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