After her controversial appearance with Amr Diab .. Information you do not know about Amy Salem


“It was formed by the fourth conspiracy,” Amr Diab, accompanied by the artist Amy Salem, was circulated through one of the “groups” of the social networking site “Facebook”. Some expected an emotional relationship between them, especially after the separation of the plateau from the artist Dina El-Sherbiny, according to sources.

However, the image was not in this context, as the truth of the image is due to the birthday party of the plateau, accompanied by the artist Dina El-Sherbiny. And the presence of a number of friends, including the artist Amy Salem, who at the time published pictures of the ceremony through her official account on the “Instagram” application. Commenting on it: “Every year and you are the plateau every year and you are successful and global..Every year and you are different and even on your own..and most importantly every year and you are in health, happiness and peace of mind.” According to “HEN” website.

The next report monitors a number of information about the Egyptian actress Amy Salem.

– She was born in 1982, that is, she is 38 years old.

– An Egyptian actress, and at the beginning of her work, she provided some minor roles.

– The film “Our Life’s Dreams”, which was shown in 2005, with the actress Mona Zaki and the artist Mustafa Shaban, her first major role.

– After that, she participated in some films, including: “What You Come Up With We Dance” and “All Descriptions”. After that, she went to the drama screen and participated in the series “White Abbas in the Black Day”.

– She participated with the artist Ahmed Helmy, in the series “Operation Messi” in the Ramadan 2014 drama.

– She married Lebanese singer and model “Ghassan Al-Mawla”, but they separated in 2017.

– She gave birth to her three sons, Yusef, and twins, Salem and Sari, in the United States of America.

– She published the pictures of her three children for the first time in 2019, through her official account on the “Instagram” application. And I sent a message to them: “Our Lord appreciates me and do all that is in my hands in order to make you the best of man .. People swear by your morals and manliness .. and I will do all that is above me because when I claim our Lord recognizes my eyes on you I remain right .. With your love is eternal love and your being is the reason for my existence .. My life, I did not allow someone to delay you or stand in front of your future, whatever the price.

She has a friendly relationship with the artist Amr Diab, as she previously congratulated him on his birthday, in October, in successive years. The last of which was his last birthday, with the participation of the artist, Dina El-Sherbiny.


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