After Aoun’s exile … an Israeli response


The response of Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz to President Michel Aoun’s denial regarding Lebanon’s provision of seven different maritime lines as a separating border between the two countries since 2007.Steinitz wrote, on his account via “Twitter”: “I read very carefully your response to my words, which you posted on Twitter, and it was my impression that you do not know all the facts.”

He said, “Since January 2007 when the maritime border demarcation was signed between Lebanon and Cyprus until today, Lebanon has provided seven different maritime lines,” explaining: “Some of them were deposited in the United Nations, others were presented to UNIFIL and the Israeli Defense Forces, and finally lines were presented. Another part of the talks that are taking place in Naqoura. “

Steinitz said, “Contrary to what the Lebanese government did, I instructed the Israeli delegation to act responsibly and adhere to the sea line that Israel placed in the United Nations about ten years ago.”

The Israeli Energy Minister added, “I have also instructed our delegation to adopt a pragmatic approach in the talks, in an attempt to ease and resolve the dispute, in order to provide the welfare of the Lebanese and Israeli citizens.”

Yesterday, Friday, the Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic denied the statement of the Israeli Energy Minister that Lebanon “changed its positions on the issue of the southern maritime borders 7 times.”

The media office said: “It is unfounded and Lebanon’s stance is firm on the issue of maritime demarcation of the southern borders, in accordance with President Aoun’s directives to the Lebanese negotiating delegation, especially with regard to Lebanon’s exercise of its sovereign right.”


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