After a long absence … Fadl Shaker appears on live broadcast and makes “bold” confessions – (video)


two hours ago

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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Lebanese star Fadl Shaker revealed, through a live broadcast, why he had not appeared recently and made confessions described as bold.

The star revealed that he lives in the “Ain al-Hilweh” camp in Lebanon and that he welcomes any visits to him inside the camp.

He said he has been sitting in a room for years and is short of breath.

The star talked about that there are those who do not want to appear or return to the art scene, explaining that he will reveal their names at a later time.

He revealed that he tried to contact Marwan Khoury with the aim of cooperating with him, but he did not receive a response, apparently due to Khoury’s busyness.

And about the “online” parties because of Corona, he explained that he believed that they were monuments.

He revealed that he is preparing to produce new single songs in the coming period, with a variety of dialects.


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