Advice from the Union of Municipalities of Saida – Zahrani to the parents and schools


The President of the Union of Saida Municipalities Al-Zahrani Muhammad Al-Saudi addressed, in a statement, to the people of Sidon and the neighborhood, saying that the union “is due to the dangerous and upward trend of the number of new infections with the Coronavirus in Sidon and its suburbs, and pursuant to the Minister of Interior’s decision to adhere to the utmost levels of public safety, and the Minister of Education’s decision to close schools in Closed areas, and in the interest of the Union for the safety of our people and students in Sidon and the neighborhood, “he advises them” not to send their children in attendance to schools, and to move towards distance education, given the difficulty in obliging them to wear a mask and the safe distance in buses, playgrounds, and at school entrances. ”

The federation also advised, according to the Saudi statement, schools within its scope “to switch to remote education in this critical and dangerous period, until the Minister of the Interior issued a decision to open all regions and towns, and the Minister of Education for a safe return to school.”

He concluded by requesting that “all citizens adhere fully to the conditions of public safety and not be reckless.”


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