ADNOC and Total announce production of the first quantity of unconventional gas in the UAE


Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, “ADNOC”, and the French “Total” company, on Wednesday, announced the production of the first quantity of unconventional gas in the UAE, from the concession of the unconventional Al-Dhiab gas basin located in Ruwais, 200 km west of Abu Dhabi city.
The announcement constitutes a major progress towards achieving a plan to fully exploit the unconventional gas concession, and an important step towards achieving ADNOC’s goal of producing one billion cubic feet per day of unconventional gas resources before 2030, as part of its continuous endeavor to achieve self-sufficiency in gas for the UAE.
The production of the first batch of the Al-Thiab gas basin concession in Ruwais comes only two years after ADNOC and Total signed a historic concession agreement, the first of its kind in the region in the area of ​​unconventional gas. This production also represents the first time that a project to develop unconventional gas in the Middle East has succeeded by pumping its production to the pipeline at an early stage of the project schedule.
This progress comes as a result of the commitment and effective cooperation between ADNOC and Total, which enabled the two parties to accelerate the pace of exploration and development of unconventional gas resources, and to succeed in developing special operations to deal with the nature of unconventional gas deposits in the UAE.
On this occasion, Yasser Saeed Al Mazrouei, CEO of ADNOC Exploration, Development and Production said: “This achievement represents a new milestone in the efforts to explore and develop unconventional gas resources in Abu Dhabi, and an additional step in the implementation of our comprehensive gas strategy and the pursuit of self-sufficiency in gas in the country. UAE. The rapid progress in the completion of the Al-Dheyab gas project in Ruwais reflects the success of the long-term partnership between ADNOC and Total, which enabled us to enhance our expertise and knowledge in the exploration and development of unconventional gas resources in Abu Dhabi and provide opportunities to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. At ADNOC, we will continue to advance this franchise and take advantage of the tremendous potential it provides in order to achieve sustainable value for the UAE and its people. ”
This achievement follows ADNOC’s continuous efforts since 2016 to explore and develop unconventional gas resources in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and one year after the Supreme Petroleum Council announced the discovery of 160 trillion cubic feet of unconventional extractable gas resources.
The unconventional gas production is pumped through a dedicated pipeline and a centralized facility to receive primary production in the Al-Dyab gas basin in Ruwais, allowing the gas produced to be distributed through the ADNOC gas network. The unconventional gas concession greatly benefits from its strategic location near ADNOC’s Ruwais Industrial Area, providing access to the market and allowing operations to take advantage of ADNOC’s extensive and modern infrastructure facilities that support the growth and development of the unconventional gas sector in the UAE.
In November 2018, ADNOC signed a concession agreement with the French company, Total, according to which the latter obtained a 40% stake in the unconventional Al Dhiab gas concession in the Ruwais area. According to the agreement, Total will explore, evaluate and develop unconventional gas resources in the concession area.
In addition to developing the unconventional Al-Dhiab gas basin in the Ruwais area, ADNOC is working to enhance and achieve the maximum possible value from the “Ghasha” project and the giant gas caps in Abu Dhabi, in addition to a number of new natural gas complexes that are continuing to evaluate and develop as the company continues its exploration activities.


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