Additional features you like on WhatsApp in a few days … get to know them


The WhatsApp application, which specializes in communication and messaging services, is the most used application for this purpose around the world, due to the ease, speed and new features that the application contains periodically and permanently, and the application owns the Facebook company that provides this service to two billion users in the world.

WhatsApp is constantly witnessing additional and new updates, and this is what makes it first among messaging and communication applications, and we review with you the most important features coming before the end of this year, which are still being tested and experimented, according to the site “timesnownews”.

1- The feature of interconnected devices

The site “Wabetainfo”, which specializes in monitoring the experimental WhatsApp features about and approaching, has issued support for the multi-device feature, which will soon be available to all application users around the world. It will also help them to messaging from using one WhatsApp account on more than one device at the same time. There is no need to log out from the first account. Or, to stay connected to the Internet with the phone version as it is currently

2- Hidden media feature

WhatsApp seeks to launch a feature called Expired Media, and the feature appeared in the latest update of the beta version of the application on Android phones after the self-disappearing messaging feature was released, which Facebook announced over the past days for its support for WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, which allows application users to delete media files such as photos And videos and GIFs sent to the recipient.

3- Customizable wallpapers feature

The Wabetainfo team has come up with a new feature that enables the user to set different backgrounds for each chat room, so when the user sets a new wallpaper, the system will automatically ask him about his desire to set the background for all chats or for a specific chat.

4- Vacation mode feature

WhatsApp was able to develop the vacation mode feature, which helps WhatsApp users to ignore notifications from archived chats as they wish, and WhatsApp will also give two options for users to deal with their archived conversations, which are notifying new messages and hiding inactive chats automatically, and in the case of choosing the first, users will be allowed to know the messages. Of archived chats but if the second option is enabled, the app will hide chats that have been inactive for six months.


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