Active “Corona” cases in Saudi Arabia decreased to 5,334


Today (Thursday), the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of 322 new confirmed cases of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), bringing the number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to 356 thousand and 389 cases, among which 5334 active cases are still receiving medical care, and most of them are reassuring health status, including 699 critical cases.

The Ministry also announced the registration of 428 new cases of recovery, bringing the number of people recovering to 345,215 cases.

While the number of deaths reached 5,840, after 15 new deaths were recorded today.

Regarding the tests, the Saudi Ministry of Health said that during the past 24 hours it had conducted 51,831 new laboratory tests.

The Ministry of Health called on everyone to be careful to wash hands with soap and water, as it is the most important way to prevent the Coronavirus, and every person must wear a mask, whether medical, cloth, or a tight cover over the nose and mouth, except for those who are alone in a closed place.

The Ministry of Health renewed the recommendation for everyone who has symptoms to go to clinics that have been reassured by the Ministry of Health to serve those who feel symptoms of the emerging (Corona) virus, or to confirm centers that have been assigned by the Ministry of Health to serve those who do not have symptoms or have mild symptoms, and they think that they have had contact For an infected person, by booking an appointment through the (My Health) application.


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