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Monday, November 2, 2020 7:51 a.m.

A Window on the World The “on” channel.
Show dates for Fajita 2020 and the new season of “In Duplex” will be broadcast on the “on” channel screen on Thursday and Friday of every week at exactly eleven in the evening, at 12 in the evening Saudi time and 1 after midnight in UAE time, with the replay being on Friday at the same time.Fajita program details
The Abla Fajita program is considered one of the most famous programs in Egypt and the Arab world, presented by a puppet character called Abla Fajita, who hosts many artists and celebrities, and the artist Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi is a guest during the first episode of the new season, and concluded her episode with Al-Sharnoubi with a new song, whose words are: «twenty twenty Halloween are all Hitchcock movies, and there is no need to spare them from the first day in the middle of the day. We have come, O Lord, we are living from them. Happy New Year, we softened their wax, and we didn’t like it, happy afterwards. Bay ». The new series Abla Fajita The hot doll, Abla Fajita, is preparing to present a new drama series through the global” Netflix “company, titled” Drama Queen “, which will be launched during the first half of 2021, after filming the series over the past weeks.

“Drama Queen” directed by Khaled Mar’i, consisting of 6 episodes, will be presented in parts, and the work makers keep its details secret. It depends on the young faces and a number of honorary guests from the stars of the first row, and belongs to the type of sarcastic drama, and it is scheduled to appear in it the father with her family Famous next to some of the new family members, the series discusses some social issues in a sarcastic manner, during which Abla Fajita presents 10 singing and dancing sketches.

The first season of Karo and Buddy, the children of the doll, Abla Fajita, will participate in the championship, and the artists, Bassem Samra, Dunia Maher, and Osama Abdullah are also participating in the work.

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