A wide mockery of Kuwaiti journalist Mishary Boyabs after he dreamed of marrying Shams Al-Kuwaiti! (Video) – Mada Post


A wide mockery of Kuwaiti journalist Mishary Boyabs after he dreamed of marrying Shams Al-Kuwaiti! (Video)

Mada Post Editorial Team

The pioneers of social media circulated a video clip by the controversial Kuwaiti media, Mishary Boyabes, talking about a dream that he had during his nap, in which he saw that he would marry the Kuwaiti singer Shams.

Boyabes narrated to his followers through the application of Snapchat, so he said that he married Shams the Kuwaiti secretly without the knowledge of his family and traveled to spend their honeymoon, and when his mother found out, she traveled to them and bribed him with shoes!

Boyabes mocked his strange dream, saying: “In an hour but a quarter, the breakdown of my family has become,” and he woke up to call his mother and ask her to allow her disobedience to dreams.

Kuwaiti journalist Mishary Boyabs-Internet


The pioneers of social networking sites mocked Kuwaiti journalist Mishari Boyabs, after he narrated that he married Kuwaiti singer Shams in his dreams, while some considered that Boyabs was trying to feel the pulse of Shus towards the idea.

One of the commentators wrote on the video: “A dream and forget will come true, if you have billions of what has come to it,” and another wrote: “By God, I say my dream is on your feet, but it is better.”

One of the commentators wrote: “I mean, my senses, my sun, and give me a face.” Another wrote: “A predecessor rotates from under the ground, the important thing is solving.” Another wrote: “Pooyabs, you are free.”

Mishary Boyabes .. who is he?

Mishary Boyabs He is a controversial Kuwaiti journalist who deliberately criticizes the celebrities in a provocative manner, and he has previously ridiculed the Emirati singer Ahlam Al Shamsi, so a lawsuit was filed against him and he was fined 5,000 Kuwaiti dinars as literary compensation for the damage he suffered as a result of his biting mockery of her.

The details of the case go back more than four years, where Boyabs used to mock Ahlam through his account on the “Snapchat” application, and he had previously appeared in a television interview in which he mocked Ahlam and compared it to the artist Nancy Ajram, describing the first as “ugly.”

In 2018, Bouyabis was summoned by Kuwaiti State Security to inquire about his bank account, as suspicions of money laundering surrounded him, due to the swelling of his bank balances in a short period, but he accused the National Bank and Boubyan Bank that their poor banking dealings were the reason behind this.


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