A “video” will put pressure on the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to Deputy Joe Biden, as she addresses him on the phone … and this is what she told him.


Activists on Twitter circulated a video that showed Deputy Joe Biden addressing him on the phone, after US media announced Biden won the presidential race and Donald Trump lost.

And Vice President-elect, American Kamala Harris, appeared on the phone addressing Biden after the result was announced and smiling, “We did it.”

Kamala Harris became the new US Vice President, Joe Biden, the first woman to hold the position. She will also be the first female Vice President of Indian Hispanic descent.

Harris, who has represented California in the Senate since 2017, is the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants who grew up in a Black Baptist Church and Hindu temple.

She was the first American of Indian descent and the second black woman to be a Senator.

And the American “CNN” network announced that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, won the American presidency to become the forty-sixth president of the United States of America.

And “CNN” said that Biden won the state of Pennsylvania and became the possession of 273 votes in the electoral college, which means his arrival to the White House to succeed the current President Donald Trump.

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