A video clip of the influenza vaccine and immunodeficiency leads the Food and Drug Administration to comment


The authority renewed the reminder that it is necessary to obtain it.

The Food and Drug Authority renewed the reminder of the need to obtain the seasonal influenza vaccine, after the spread of a video clip indicating that the influenza vaccine weakens immunity to confront the Corona virus, which was denied by the authority.

The official website of the Food and Drug Authority said: “The influenza vaccine is approved annually by the Food and Drug Authority, and that it is safe and effective in relieving symptoms of influenza and colds, especially for the elderly and those with chronic diseases and weak immune systems.”

He added: “At the present time, there is no scientific evidence and evidence proving the possibility that giving the seasonal flu vaccine could weaken immunity against the Covid 19 virus.”

And recently, a video clip has spread advising those who did not get the flu vaccination previously not to take it this year in light of the Corona pandemic, which is what the Food and Drug Authority described as rumor, requiring everyone to receive the flu vaccine.

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