A US state falls into a “Corona trap” … with a resounding scandal


The American “Washington Post” newspaper revealed, on Friday, that the governor of Maryland had imported from South Korea test units for the Corona virus that had not been used after it was later found that there were defects in them.

The newspaper said that Governor Larry Hogan spent 9.46 million dollars in April importing 500,000 coronavirus testing units from South Korea.

It added that after the tests were later found to have flaws, the state paid an additional $ 2.5 million to the same company for 500,000 alternative test units, without raising the issue in public. Doubtful, but a private lab continues to use it.

She added that private laboratories used about 370,000 of the alternative tests.

Hogan, who is considered a critic of President Donald Trump, celebrated the arrival of the tests from South Korea in April, praising the help of his wife, who was born in South Korea, in obtaining them.

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