A Ukrainian doctor talks about ways to prepare the body for a possible confrontation with Corona


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Ukrainian doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky talked about how to reduce the complications of the disease when infected with Covid-19, and ways to prepare the body for a possible confrontation with the Corona virus.

He said in an interview on YouTube: “Being infected with the disease or not having it depends on two factors, namely, the amount of virus that a person catches, and the state of the body at this meeting.”

He stressed that doctors are now no longer afraid of Covid-19, in and of itself, but of the dangerous form of it.

He also drew the attention of viewers to the fact that folk medicine methods for preventing infection with the Coronavirus do not protect against it, but only help avoid complications.

He stressed that the vaccine gives hope of not being infected, and said: “Many modern protocols advise avoiding a deficiency of vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc in the body so that the disease does not increase in severity,” stressing the need to consult a doctor before taking these vitamins.

To help the body protect itself from a large dose of the virus, he indicated that cool, clean air must be inhaled, with the humidity level in the place between 40 and 60 percent.

He added that it is important not to have a shortage of fluids, and to moisten the respiratory system with saline solution.

Source: Novosti


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