A subsidiary of “Volkswagen” acquires “Navistar” for $ 3.7 billion


The heavy truck company, owned by the German car maker, Volkswagen, has reached an agreement to acquire US truck manufacturer Navistar International for $ 3.7 billion, a deal that helps Tratton expand its presence in North America.

Under the deal, Tratton will acquire all common shares of Navistar at a price of $ 44.5 a share, and the company currently holds 16.7% of the shares of Navistar. According to “Forbes”.

Tratton has entered into a strategic partnership with Navistar since March 2017, and the company said in a statement, “This acquisition builds on our success in combining the strength of the Tratton Center in Europe with its sustainable presence in South America, and the expansion of Navistar’s business in North America, which contributes to the creation of a global company that enjoys Strong position ».

According to Tratton CEO Mathias Grandler, the deal accelerates the company’s global strategy by ensuring that it expands into major truck markets around the world.


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