A statement from the Pharmacists Syndicate regarding the complete closure


The Pharmacists ’Association issued a statement in which it considered that“ when the pharmacist is one of the pillars of the health system in Lebanon and is the first line of defense in front of the Corona epidemic, so that 3400 pharmacists receive large numbers of people suffering from the symptoms of this epidemic in order to obtain medicines that relieve these symptoms and then guide them Based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health.He added, “When it was noticed an increase in the number of citizens visiting pharmacies because of their symptoms of Corona or with their relatives, and when the daily announcement of the number of people infected with the Coronavirus is increasing frightening, and when the stock of some medicines in pharmacies suffers from a great shortage that is almost insufficient to meet the increasing needs of citizens Despite all the efforts made by the Ministry of Public Health. ”

The statement continued, “To protect the pharmaceutical sector, which suffers from exhaustion like other health sectors, and with the aim of allowing it to breathe and organize its stock of medicines to confront this major wave of the Corona epidemic, the Syndicate asked state agencies to take deterrent measures against citizens who violate the decision to wear a mask and respect Social distancing. “

In its statement, the Syndicate called on the state, in the event of the inability to impose these restrictions on citizens, to completely close at least for a period of 15 days to stop the increase in Corona’s escalating counter on the one hand, and to allow the health sector with all its branches to catch its breath and prepare to face the greatest.


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