A small shop in Dubai manufactures perfume brands for world famous people such as “Will Smith” and “Gwen Stefani” at a reduced cost.


Al Marsad Newspaper: A report published by “CNN” of America revealed that a small shop in Dubai manufactures perfumes for world famous people such as Will Smith and Gwen Stefani and works on producing brands at low cost.

The report pointed out that the owner of the shop, Youssef Muhammad Ali, makes perfumes similar to those sold by large brands, but at reasonable prices, and creates new mixes for special perfumes, in line with tastes and requests.

Youssef explained that the most important element when making perfumes depends on people’s tastes, indicating that Arabs prefer perfumes that contain “oud”, and foreigners prefer citrus or fresh scents.

He added: “Customers usually choose the perfumes they want according to the names available in the market, or if they are more experienced, it is possible for them to choose a specific composition according to samples of different scents such as amber, oud, and bergamot.”

The owner of the store recalled some famous personalities who visited his shop, pointing out that Gwen Stefani asked him to create a vanilla-scented perfume, adding that he had created a perfume for the American actor, and Will Smith as well.


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