A shocking scene … a fighter tears his opponent’s ear and wins the fight



The fight that brought together Americans Max Griffin and Rams Brahimay at the UFC Fight Nigh 181 middleweight martial arts championship in Las Vegas, USA, ended painfully.

The fight continued until the third round, when Griffin dealt a heavy blow to his opponent and almost deprived him of his half-cut ear.

Surprisingly, bout referee Mark Smith and the overseas referees took no action.

Brahimai did not immediately understand what had happened and tried to continue the fight.

It became clear later that Brahime had already suffered a serious wound to the face, and there was a lot of blood, before the confrontation referee noticed how bad the 27-year-old fighter’s ear was, but the judges found that Griffin deserved to win his superiority in two rounds out of three.

The fight was Brahimai’s first in the UFC, with eight wins versus three losses in MMA.

Griffin achieved his fourth UFC win with 6 defeats, and has 6 wins to 8 losses in the UFC.

Source: championat.com


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