A second test confirms that Mohamed Salah was infected with the Corona virus


The Egyptian Football Association announced, Friday, that the second test for the star of the national team, Mohamed Salah, was “positive”, to confirm that the English Liverpool striker was infected with the new Corona virus.

The union said in a statement, “A second smear was performed for Mohamed Salah, and the result showed a positive case of being infected with the Coronavirus.”

The statement added that “the first swab had a positive result, but the Egyptian Football Association decided to conduct a second swab to confirm the injury.”

To make sure that Salah was injured, the Egyptian Football Association removed the statement that its international star Mohamed Salah was infected with Corona virus from the federation’s official website and its Facebook page, and instead published a vague statement that spoke about the infection of three players from Egypt and Togo.

The Egyptian Federation said in the second statement that “the laboratories of the Ministry of Health indicated that three players from the Egyptian and Togo teams” had tested positive for the new Corona virus, which was conducted for them before the two teams’ match scheduled for Saturday.

The statement added that “other tests will be conducted for the aforementioned players to determine their position on participating” in the match.

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Posted by EFA on Friday, November 13, 2020

And before that, the Egyptian Federation announced that the star of the English Liverpool team, Mohamed Salah, had been infected with the new Corona virus.

“The medical swab conducted on the mission of our first national football team showed that our international player, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, was infected with the Corona virus, after his test came positive,” the federation said in a tweet on its Twitter account.

The federation indicated that Salah (28 years) does not suffer from any symptoms, and that the results of the tests for the rest of the team were negative.

The player is currently subject to the medical protocol after the coordination of the national team doctor, Muhammad Abu Al-Ola, with Liverpool FC, and he was quarantined in his hotel room, as well as all those who had recently mixed with them, according to what the federation announced.

The Egyptian player will undergo further checks in the coming hours.

Salah had attended his brother Nasr’s wedding upon his arrival in Cairo on Monday to join the national team camp, according to photos circulating on social media. On Wednesday evening, he also attended a ceremony honoring him from the Egyptian Football Association, on the occasion of his team’s victory in the English Premier League last season.

In the event that his injury is confirmed, Salah may miss the next two Liverpool matches, as the “Reds” host Leicester City in the English League, and Italian Atalanta in the Champions League at Anfield on November 21 and 25, respectively.


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