A scientist reveals the effect of the “hope vaccine” on the “Corona” epidemic injuries


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A scientist reveals the effect of the “hope vaccine” on the “Corona” epidemic, today, Monday, November 16, 2020 10:33 am

One of the scientists who contributed to the production of the emerging corona virus vaccine “Covid-19”, which was developed by the companies “Biontech” and “Pfizer”, said that he is confident that the vaccine may reduce the chances of the virus spreading by 50 percent, which will lead to a “significant” reduction in The CEO of the German company, “Biontech”, Ugor Shaheen, added, on Sunday, that “it is absolutely necessary” to conduct high rates of injection of the vaccine before next fall to ensure a return to normal life by next winter.

He continued: “If everything continues well, we will start delivering the vaccine by the end of this year and early next year. Our goal is to distribute over 300 million doses of the vaccine until next April, which could allow us to start making an impact already.” He said: “I am very confident that the rates of virus transmission between individuals will decrease with this highly effective vaccine – it may not reach 90 percent, but it may reach 50 percent.”

Pfizer and Biontech said last week that the semi-final results showed that the vaccine was 90 percent successful in preventing citizens from contracting Covid-19, despite the lack of sufficient information about safety and manufacturing quality. “The most important thing is to achieve high injection rates before the fall. / Winter of next year, and this means that all immunization operations and injection methods must take place before next fall. ”So far, vaccine developers have recorded 94 cases among 44,000 people who participated in vaccine trials in the United States and 5 other countries.

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