“A scandal” .. Mustafa Bakri wipes the ground with the artist Muhammad Ramadan after his picture with the Israeli singer in Dubai


Launched a parliamentary representative and media supporter of the Egyptian regime Mustafa Bakri An attack on the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan After his appearance in Tire, he hugged an Israeli singer in Dubai .

Al-Bakri considered in a tweet on Twitter that “What Muhammad Ramadan did by embracing an Israeli singer is a scandal in the sense of the word that deserves to be punished by a union and for stopping him from acting.”
He said: “The statement of the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions in which it condemned the position of the artist Mohamed Ramadan to reflect the keenness of Egyptian artists to adhere to patriotic and national constants and reject Normalization Popular with the Zionist enemy.

An emergency meeting of the technical unions
On Sunday, the Egyptian Representative Professions Syndicate announced its call for an emergency meeting of the artistic syndicates, on Monday, after the picture of the artist Muhammad Ramadan with the Israeli singer Omir Adam.
The Representative Professions Syndicate said, in a statement, that “the Syndicate’s Council followed with all interest and responsibility emanating from a national and national site that represents the masses of artists and creators of what happened to one of the union’s members in an artistic gathering in a sister Arab city and taking pictures with artists belonging to the usurping entity.”
The union affirmed “the full and complete support for the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, commitment to the collective position of Egyptian artists, and permanent adherence to the positions and decisions of the Egyptian and Arab artistic union federations towards such actions.”
The statement added that “the Syndicate Council, in its this position, is fully aware of the difference between the official treaties that Arab governments are bound by and the popular, cultural and artistic stance on the issue of normalization.”
The statement continued, “The Syndicate Council reserves its right to take whatever actions and decisions it deems appropriate in light of the internal regulations and laws governing the work of the union.”
He referred to the call for an emergency meeting with the Federation of Technical Syndicates “to take critical decisions in this regard.”
Emirati Hamad Al Mazrouei was the first to publish the photo, accompanied by Israeli and Egyptian artists, using the hashtag #Dubai_Groups us, before deleting it after a wave of attack.
Hamad Al Mazrouei commented on the photo, saying: “The most famous artist in Egypt With the most famous artist in Israel # Dubai brings us together.


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