A romantic comedy that steals the spotlight in the Chinese “Oscars”


The Taiwanese film “May Missing Valentine” (Missing Valentine’s Day) is about a post office worker who awakens to discover that ValentineOr, Valentine’s Day passed without realizing it, five awards, including one for best film and one for best director.

But the veteran Taiwanese actress, Chen Shu-fang, 81, who has been in acting for more than six decades, received a warm welcome, perhaps the oldest of his kind..

Chen won for two different films as she won Best Supporting Actress Award In “Abbey Tennant” (The Mighty Tenant) and Best Actress in “Little Big Woman” (The Old Little Woman), both are a complex family drama..

And Chen not only has never won an award before, but she has never been nominated for an award before.

“Even if I can no longer walk, I want the director to write me the role of a woman in a wheelchair,” Chen said.“.

Politics was not entirely absent, as Lee’s “Lost Course” documentary won the award for the Wokan Village, or “Village of Democracy” that rose up against corruption. The award is unlikely to make China love the festival more.

Last year, the regulation body was banned Cinema The Chinese film industry in the country participates in the Taiwan-hosted awards, which were founded in 1962 and are organized every year.


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