A recent study reveals a surprise … these people do not develop “Corona”


They have “cross-reactive” immunity.

In a surprising surprise, many perceptions changed, a recent study revealed that some people have automatic immunity that prevents them from contracting Corona.

Contrary to what is known so far, that acquiring immunity against the “Covid 19” epidemic, requires the presence of antibodies in the body, meaning that the person had been infected with the Corona virus and then recovered from it, or that he had taken a vaccine. Experts referred to another “automatic” immunity. I have some.

And researchers from the “Francis Crick” Institute and University College London are likely to have found an explanation for the ability of some people to better deal with Corona virus infection than others.

The researchers, according to a medical study recently published in the prestigious “Science” magazine, have developed a high-sensitivity test to detect antibodies to the “emerging corona” virus, whose scientific name is “SARS-Cove 2”.

Scientists use this examination to find out whether the person who contracted the Coronavirus, which causes the “Covid-19” epidemic, and then recovered from it, has acquired antibodies.

Researchers seek to find out how long a person remains immune to infection after recovering from the Corona virus.

As part of this experiment, the researchers used serum samples extracted from people who had not been infected with the “emerging corona” virus.

In a surprising result, scientists detected antibodies to the virus in people who had never been infected with it.

In their explanation of this matter, the researchers said that the human immune system responds when it detects any infection with a virus that belongs to the “Corona” family and causes health disorders like regular influenza.

Scientists call this immunity “cross reactive” and they mean the response of the immune system when detecting an infection that affects the body in many cases of diseases.

There are 4 other common seasonal viruses from the “Corona” family, but they do not lead to serious diseases, and their symptoms are often mild and not severe.

Scientists say that our bodies do not develop long-term immunity to these viruses, and for this reason, a person may become infected more than once.

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