A patient recounts her experience with the first Corona vaccine consisting of antibodies


Karen Simpson, who works as a nurse, is the first person in the world to receive an injection containing a variety of antibodies specifically designed to prevent “Covid-19”.

And the British “Sky News” network quoted Simson as saying that she wanted treatment to be able to return to her normal life.

Simpson added: “During my work in the intensive care unit, I saw the effect of Corona on the injured, and it was devastating for patients and their relatives.”

“I haven’t seen my mom and dad since March, and I miss seeing my friends and embracing my daughters. This treatment gives us some hope, which is what everyone wants at the moment,” she said.

She indicated that frontline workers in the health sector are most in need of the vaccine due to the harsh work conditions they are going through, pointing out that there are large numbers of patients hoping to receive it as well.

And Simson received the treatment for “AstraZeneca”, which is based on antibodies, as the first person to benefit from it in a trial that will include a thousand people in Britain.

AstraZeneca says that its vaccine has the ability to protect individuals from corona immediately, and its effectiveness lasts between 6 months and a year.

On Saturday, the US Food and Drug Administration granted emergency approval to use a treatment for Covid-19, which was developed by the biotechnology company “Regeneron”.

The approved drug was used to treat US President Donald Trump when he contracted Covid-19.

“France Press” quoted the official in the US Food and Drug Administration, Stephen Hahn, as saying that “allowing these treatments with monoclonal antibodies may allow patients to avoid hospitalization and reduce the burden on our health care system.”

For his part, CEO of Regeneron, Leonard Schleifer, said that this constitutes “an important step in the fight against Covid-19, as patients at high risk in the United States will be able to obtain a promising treatment early in the course of infection.”

The green light was given to treat Regeneron, called Regen-Cove-2, which is a combination of two antibodies, after it was shown to reduce Covid-19 cases that require hospitalization or emergency rooms.


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