A new update by “Apple” limits Facebook’s ability to target ads to iPhone users


Apple, the iPhone producer, intends to launch an update at the beginning of 2021, which would constitute an inconvenience to the Facebook network and to producers of advertising applications that target certain groups.

The ATT (App Tracking Transparency) feature will force mobile apps to request user permission to follow them. It is this tracking that allows networks and applications to sell advertisers targeted advertising space based on the data they collect about what they browse.

Some companies that prefer not to see ATT light, wrote that this feature will negatively affect small and medium-sized companies by reducing their options, but the current race for personal information is actually benefiting big companies that You have a large store of data. ”

Horvath sent its letter Thursday to a number of non-governmental organizations, including Ranking Digital Rights, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International Amnesty International, which last month criticized Apple for delaying the launch of ATT, which was originally slated for implementation to upgrade the system. IOS 14 to run Apple phones.

Horvath explained that delaying the launch of this feature until early next year “provides developers with some time to adapt their systems.” But it confirmed Apple’s determination to launch it.

And “Facebook” had protested at the end of last August on this change in the rules, which would limit the capabilities available to it and other application developers to target “iPhone” users with ads.

The social network expects that “revenues will decline by more than 50 percent if the possibility of personal targeting of users with advertisements on mobile devices is eliminated.”


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