A new ghost threatens to lose millions of jobs


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The British “Guardian” newspaper revealed that millions of Americans have lost their jobs, for example, during the last year, while the demand for robots or robots has increased.“.

And the robot became more and more crowded with people for jobs, especially since it does not cost the owner of the project any salary, and he can work accurately and accurately for a longer period..

And the robot has become able to register guests in hotels or serve drinks, as well as respond and communicate with those who ask about detailed services, without talking about what it does inside the factories.

And robots are being resorted to, in light of the current crisis, because they are fully immune to the Corona virus, while the human employee has remained vulnerable to infection..

The period of the epidemic witnessed an unprecedented increase in demand for technology products, amid a focus on remote work, in order to ensure social distancing..

And since many services continued, with the closure in effect, through the Internet and technology, this remarkable development will push entrepreneurs and companies to make fundamental changes in the future..

In a recent report, the World Economic Forum revealed that by the year 2025, the wave of robots use will damage 85 million jobs in the world.


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