A new feature: Apple users enjoy more privacy violated by Facebook


(MENAFN) is targetingThe American technology giant Apple will announce a new update early next year, as the update will be an inconvenience to the Facebook network and to the producers of advertising applications that target certain groups..

The new ATT (Application Tracking Transparency) feature will force mobile applications to obtain permission from users to track them. It is this tracking that will authorize networks and applications to sell advertising space to advertisers targeting users based on what data they collect on what they browse..

In this regard, Jane Horvath, responsible for respecting privacy at Apple, explained, “Some companies that prefer not to see ATT + the light, have considered that this feature will negatively affect small and medium-sized companies by reducing their options, but the current race is on Personal information actually benefits big companies that have a lot of data. “

Last Thursday, a group of NGOs, including Digital Rights Ranking, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International (Amnesty International) received a letter from Horvath in response to these organizations’ criticism of “Apple” last month regarding its delay in launching the scheduled new update. Originally for implementation to update the system “iOS 14” to operate “Apple” phones



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