A new development in the case of Maradona’s death



Yesterday, Friday, the Argentine judiciary opened an investigation into the possibility of negligence in receiving the necessary care, which led to the death of football legend Diego Maradona, last Wednesday.

A member of Maradona’s family said, “There have been some irregularities.”

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The cause of Maradona's death revealed after his autopsy

The source, who preferred not to be named, added: “The investigation was opened because a person died in his home and no one signed his death certificate. This does not mean that there were violations.”

Hours after the death of the 1986 world champion at the age of 60, Maradona’s lawyer and friend, Matthias Morla, announced, Thursday, that “the ambulance took more than half an hour to reach Maradona’s home,” warning that he would go on his accusation “to the end.”

But neither he nor any of the Maradona family members have made any official complaint yet, according to what a judicial source announced to “AFP.”

The Italian Napoli star and the Argentina national team died at the end of the eighties and early nineties of the last century. He died at his home in the town of Tigre, 30 km north of the capital, Buenos Aires, due to “secondary acute pulmonary edema and exacerbation of chronic heart failure,” according to an initial autopsy.

Source: AFP


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