A new country moves to impose a ban on Facebook – Think and Art – East and West


The Solomon Islands Council of Ministers approved a temporary ban on Facebook due to the misuse of the social networking site and the lack of regulation of it, local media reported on Tuesday.

Communications Minister Peter Chanel Aguvaca confirmed the decision to the Solomon Times, saying controversial issues had been raised on the stage.

He said there were concerns about the lack of legislation “to govern Internet use.”

“Abusive languages ​​against ministers and prime ministers, assassinations of figures and defamation of figures are all issues of concern,” Aguvaca told the Solomon Times Online.

“The use of the Internet now in Solomon Islands needs proper regulation to protect our youth from harmful content,” he added.
Aguvaca stressed that media organizations will still be able to operate as usual, except for losing access to the social media platform.

Most of the media in the Pacific country use Facebook, and the prime minister uses the platform to broadcast national speeches live, according to the newspaper.

Aguvaca said the government still needed to “figure out how to do this” and did not specify the length of the ban.

“The operators should create a firewall to block Facebook,” Aguvaca said.

China, Iran and North Korea also now have a Facebook ban.



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