A new blood test detects 50 types of cancer years before infection


The British Health Authority announced a new discovery that will change the rates of cancer, through a test that can identify about 50 types of cancer diseases, as it enables the patient to discover that he has cancer years before the history of the disease, which contributes to obtaining rapid results in recovery as a result of the discovery The early disease, and increases the patient’s chance of survival from dangerous complications, according to the site “the sun” British.

The British Health Authority indicated that the new blood test contributes to the detection of 50 types of cancers and allows the patient to start the treatment journey years before the disease, which helps save tens of thousands of victims of the dreaded disease annually.

The company is conducting Grail America, many experiments on the new test, as the sample trials included 165,000 Britons over a period of 3 years, which resulted in the ability of the new test to detect many cancers that were difficult to detect early, the most prominent of which were head cancer, neck cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer and esophageal cancer.

The preliminary results of the new blood test resulted in its ability to diagnose the infection and exclude the healthy by more than 99%, which will change the map of cancer prevalence in Britain, which will be the first country to detect cancer through a blood test.

Simon Stephens, head of the British Health Services, said that early detection of many cases of cancer, especially ovarian and pancreatic cancer, contributes to saving many patients, noting that there are 330,000 Britons who are diagnosed with cancer annually, and the number of deaths reaches 165,000 patients every year.

While Michael Mitchell, chief executive of cancer research in the United Kingdom, indicated that discovering cancer in early stages contributes to saving thousands of infected people and saving millions that are spent on the journey of treatment.


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