A “moving message” to Mahmoud Yassin from his daughter, on the 40th anniversary of his death


Rania Mahmoud Yassin sent an influential message to her father, the late artist Mahmoud Yassin.Rania Yassin published, through her account on “Instagram”, a family photo accompanied by her husband, artist Mohamed Riad, her brother Amr, her mother, the famous artist and her late father, accompanied by a comment: “I was loved by the sweet family, the sweet people who find warmth and the sweet word, tenderness and laughter from the heart. 3 years ago, I lost my uncle, Major General Nasser Hamdi, the beautiful man Abu Lisan Sweet, the gentle and nostalgic, and after him the nut of my aunt, Engineer Badr Tayseer, the owner of the most beautiful spirit and kind heart is extraordinary.

Rania Mahmoud Yassin also said that during her sleep, she saw her father, the late great star Mahmoud Yassin, and he looked like a young man in his thirties, and Rania wrote through her Facebook account, “I dreamed of you, my door .. Praise be to God. I saw you, a young man in your thirties. Boss, who loved me a lot, may God have mercy on you, my beloved, and dwell in you spacious in paradise, O Lord .. We ask you to pray. 40 days after leaving you, O my dear father, you will remain in my heart and in my soul until I meet you, may God have mercy on you and I will dwell in your spacious gardens O Lord of the worlds, God have mercy on him and forgive him and forget O God, make his feast in Paradise more beautiful, God make his grave a garden from the garden of Paradise, and do not make it a pit from the pits of fire.
Source: Sputnik


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