A major airline plans to require travelers to receive the Corona vaccine before traveling




The Australian airline “Qantas” announced that it will require international travelers to receive the Covid-19 vaccine before traveling on its airlines, making it the first major airline to adopt this measure.

Alan Joyce, CEO of the company, said Monday that “Qantas” will start imposing the measure as soon as the vaccine becomes available for circulation, and he explained to the “Nine” TV channel: “As for whether we will request this locally, we have to consider the changes that will occur on Covid-19, but certainly, For international travelers coming (to Australia) and out of the country, we think it is necessary. “

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And Joyce expected that this rule will turn into a normal practice around the world, as governments and airlines are studying the development of electronic passports that prove the traveler’s receiving the vaccine.

However, other major airlines said it is too early to comment on what travel requirements will be in the event the vaccine becomes widely available.

A representative of Korean Air said, “We do not have any concrete plan to announce at the moment regarding the vaccine, which is still under development and will take time to distribute.”

For its part, Japan Airlines confirmed that it does not have a “plan to request a vaccine from international travelers,” and is currently asking “travelers to follow the rules required of their destination authorities, such as undergoing examination.”

Many countries require vaccinations for other diseases before traveling to them, such as yellow fever vaccination in case the traveler comes from a place where this disease is spread.

The International Air Transport Agency announced late Monday that it had reached the “final stages” of developing a health electronic passport that could be used to record Corona checks and vaccinations and would “support the safe opening of the borders.”

Australia has closed its borders since March to contain the virus, and the air transport sector has been dealt a severe blow by the restrictions imposed to deter the spread of the epidemic, as Qantas grounded more than 200 aircraft from operating and expelled 8,500 employees in its attempts to compensate for a loss of 1.9 million dollars.

Source: AFP


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