A Lebanese art show via YouTube to support theaters affected by the Beirut explosion


Offered platformThe YouTube“Saturday evening, a theatrical work that brought together a number of the most prominent Lebanese actors, and deals with the Lebanese reality in a dramatic, comedic and cynical way. Beirut Port explosion The apocalyptic fourth of August.

The director and actress participated in the show titled “Whispers” Nadine Labaki For which a movie was nominatedCapernaum“Oscar for best foreign film, and actress Rita Hayek, who also played a key role in Ziad Doueiri’s film” Case No. 23 “, which was also nominated for Oscar. The prominent playwright George Khabbaz and other actors are also participating.

The work’s producer, Josiane Boulos, said that the play’s team “did not receive any financial allowance for its work. The cost of restoring the Gemayzeh theater is $ 60,000, while the Mono Theater needs about 30,000 and the Black Box needs about 10,000, in addition to other theaters.

And set the ticket price for the hypothetical show of 25 thousand Lebanese pounds, or ten dollars, ten euros, or ten pounds sterling. Boulos indicated that “the sales movement exceeded expectations, and witnessed a turnout from Lebanon and outside it.”

In addition to being affected by the explosion, the theaters have been closed for more than seven months due to the measures taken by the Lebanese authorities to contain the outbreak of the new Corona virus, in light of an unprecedented economic and social crisis, the deterioration of the national currency and the decline in purchasing power.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic began in February, Lebanon has recorded more than 83,000 cases, including more than 600 deaths. And after the government, through an early general lockdown, succeeded in containing the first wave, the country was finally recording record infection rates, despite the isolation of dozens of towns and villages.

The 70-minute show, directed by Lina Abyad, consists of seven theatrical panels of various styles based on monologues.

The 70-minute show, directed by Lina Abyad, consists of seven monologue-based stage panels written by British playwrights supporting the work, including writer Mike Elliston, writer and actress Geraldine Brannon, writer and actress Angela Harvey, and writer and actor John Jasper.

The Lebanese writer, actress and producer Agata Ezz El-Din, who lives in London, coordinated with them.

British playwrights presented their texts without any compensation, and they were adapted into the Lebanese spoken language. An eighth panel of dialogues was added to the seven panels, including a co-writer, Baker and Labaki.

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