A funny video by “Aser Yassin” declaring his loss of taste due to “Covid-19”


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Egyptian artist appeared Asir Yassin He decided to announce his infection with the Coronavirus definitively, a few days after he sparked controversy after spreading news of his infection with the virus after his return from the El Gouna Film Festival in its fourth session, and the wedding of his girlfriend, the artist, Dora as well.Instagram“, A video clip in which he appeared inside his house, while he was eating an” onion “, but he confirmed during eating it, that he did not feel its taste in his mouth, so he decided to ask sarcastically, his audience about the meaning of that and does it have anything to do with his infection with the Corona virus or not?

Aser Yassin wrote in his comment on the funny video: “The analysis is still not clear, but the onion does not taste .. What remains? Corona? It is burning, but it does not taste a little.” Corona virus, for sure, especially amid the infection of many of his colleagues in the artistic community with the virus upon their return from the El Gouna festival. He caught a cold after returning from the El Gouna Festival, which raised concern about his infection with Corona, especially since he did not reveal the results of the tests the day after he announced that he had undergone it.

A number of stars announced that they were infected with the Coronavirus after their return from the El Gouna Festival and underwent home isolation, and they were keen to alert those close to them of their infection, including the artist Basma, Zainab Gharib, Mays Hamdan, Salma Abu Deif, Wigs, Sarah Abdel Rahman and Reem Al Adl, and a number of stars and stars decided to reassure their fans. On their health condition after spreading news of their infection with the virus, but they revealed that they are in good health and denied their infection, including the artist Rania Youssef, Yousra, Bushra, and meeting Al-Khamisi, Islam Ibrahim, Mustafa Darwish, Hind Abdel Halim and others, while the artist Ola Rushdi confirmed that she and Ahmed Dawood underwent tests also after their return From the festival, but there were conflicting results, they decided to isolate themselves so that they could get the tests done again.

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