A famous journalist attacks the daughter of a famous artist: remember why Soheir Al-Babli spat on him?


Sunday, 11-29-2020
08:47 AM

The Kuwaiti media, May Al-Aidan, continued her argument with the artist Ahmed Badir and his daughter Sarah, because of the offensive posts she wrote.The crisis began when May Al-Aidan published a picture of Ahmed Bedir and his daughter Sarah and commented: Talaat Mazzeh bint Al-Aqra.

These words bothered Ahmed Badir’s daughter, Sarah, who expressed her dissatisfaction in a lengthy post about this method.

May Al-Aidan come back and respond again, saying in a tweet: First of all, whoever said that I mocked him, I said about him, I knock, and that he really knocks and I see the most of his scenes in his plays and films that are mocked.


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