A doctor admits to killing two patients with Corona!


German police said that they had opened an investigation into the murder of a senior doctor in the western city of Essen, after two patients with Corona virus were killed, who were in critical condition.

City police said Friday that the 44-year-old doctor has been working at Essen University Hospital since February, and is suspected of killing two men, ages 47 and 50, who were in intensive care, after their condition deteriorated due to Covid-19 disease.

She added that the doctor was arrested on Wednesday and confessed to one of the two murders, and said that he wanted to relieve the patient and his family from further suffering.

The Bild daily newspaper reported that the doctor informed the two patients’ families before they were killed by the injection method.

Patients whose health condition is delayed can request assistance to end their life in Germany according to a court decision issued last year, but it is not clear if this happened with the doctor in charge of the investigation.

The hospital said it had suspended the doctor and was assisting the police with the investigation.

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