A consultative meeting discussed the issue of the closure .. This is what was announced by the Minister of Health and the Interior


A participatory consultative meeting was held at the headquarters of the Economic and Social Council in central Beirut, attended by the Ministers of Interior and Municipalities, Brigadier Mohamed Fahmy and Public Health Dr. Hamad Hassan, Chairs of the Parliamentary Economic and Health Committees Farid Al-Bustani and Assem Araji, Representative Fadi Alama, Secretary General of the Supreme Defense Council, Major General Mahmoud Al-Asmar, President of the Economic and Social Council Charles Arbid, Head of Economic Authorities, Former Minister Mohamed Choucair, President of the General Labor Union, Bechara Al-Asmar, President of the Land Transport Sector Federations and Syndicates Bassam Talis, President of the Hotel Owners Syndicate Pierre Al-Ashkar, Restaurant Owner Syndicate and Patisserie Tony Rami, President of the Beirut Merchants Association Nicolas Al-Shammas Petra Khoury, Vice President of the Industrialists Association, Vice President of the Industrialists Association, Dr. Petra Khoury, the Prime Minister’s Adviser for Health Affairs, the Director of Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Dr. Firas Al Abyad, the Vice President of the Economic and Social Council Saad Eddin Hamidi Saqr, the General Director Dr. Muhammad Saifuddin and a number of the heads and rapporteurs of the committees in the Council. Researching the topic of closing and reopening.Asmar

Al-Asmar said, “We are trying in all fields to keep pace with health, economy, money and security in order to obtain profitable results for all people. We know that the educational sector suffers from distress and many schools have dismissed a large number of their employees, so I say that the cry is raised from the whole sector, not from Only the commercial and tourism sector, and salaries are no longer enough. Everyone should realize today that it is no longer possible to make profits, but work is limited to continuing to live only. “

He added, “A lot of people pledged to abide by the closure, but they did not, unlike the first closing, where it was committed in a correct manner, and upon reopening there was a deliberate plan according to the sectors and each according to importance. We have shared the concerns of all sectors and listened to their opinions, that citizens bear the largest part.” From lack of commitment and bad results, the state alone does not bear responsibility, nor the sector owners, and we have spared no effort to help preserve the country and its economy. “

He continued: “We are following up at every moment with the medical sector and hospitals the issue of availability of beds for patients, and here we suffer from two problems. Some hospitals refuse to receive patients or request huge sums of money despite their affiliation with the insurance, and it is not the responsibility of the Minister of Health only to solve it, because people suffer from both issues as a result of these conditions. Aggravated. “

He concluded: “We, as the Committee for Follow-up of Preventive Measures and Measures, did not recommend this closure, and no one has contacted since the cry that the Minister of Health gave, and we are always ready to listen to all sectors. We deal with the results and decisions taken by the Corona Committee and the Supreme Defense Council without involving the concerned parties in searching for The most successful ways and creating a regional dialogue. The private health sector did not receive the required attention to face what we are suffering in terms of hospital readiness and medical needs, and we bet on time and finding the necessary vaccine in what is required. Solidarity with the health sector, its preparation and support. “


As for the captain of hoteliers, he pointed out that “there are 150,000 employees registered in the guarantee,” and said: “We are from this society and what we are asking for is the application of the law, and not collective punishment. We as a sector, we applied the law, and our employees were exposed to many problems and violations were underlined because of their movements.” We do not have an executive authority to impose measures regarding what is required to implement the law from the duties of the judicial and security authorities, and not to make mistakes by some security forces that lead to the closure of some committed restaurants in hotels.


For his part, Arbid said: “We discussed the issue of closing and reopening, and the health and economic reality, and as we always repeat that there is no economy without health and vice versa. And we called to adhere to preventive measures that ensure individual and public safety so that we can skip the stage, especially as we are waiting for the vaccine to arrive after months. “.

He added, “We consider this meeting a participatory beginning in which we listened to representatives of the productive sectors and economic bodies and what is required to reopen the sector in parallel with the preventive commitment as we are on the threshold of a month of holidays, and our concern is to maintain small and medium enterprises and this is what needs constant dialogue and cooperation to convey the voice and skip the stage safely.” .

He continued, “The stoppage and operation process during this period is not desirable, and this is what His Excellency the ministers referred to, and we hope that the numbers will be encouraging at the end of the week.”

My understanding

The Minister of the Interior said: “I want to clarify in relation to all the recommendations issued by the committee, which include everyone, transferred to the Interior Ministry to issue a circular and then implement it.”

He added, “As for the outbreak of the epidemic, the responsibility lies on everyone, the citizen and the officials, on society and the government, so we have to be one hand to overcome this crisis. The issue is not difficult, according to doctors and according to 131 international studies that show that by wearing a mask you can protect yourself.” By 83%, the muzzle is the main one. “

He concluded: “Let us be one hand in order to overcome this crisis, and I promise you that, as I was from the beginning, with you and with the citizen and with the daily workers, I will always be stronger.”


As for the Minister of Health, he said: “All work, measures and decisions are always the fruit of discussion, meetings and tremendous effort, as well as the relevant ministerial committee and the Parliamentary Health Committee that always follows up and supports cases. I describe in three headings the steps behind the closure:

1- Raising readiness, whether at the level of government or private hospitals, in order to reach a noticeable improvement and good cooperation from the unions, because we have decisions in order to provide the beds in line with the high numbers of the number of people with Corona who need careful care.

2- Reducing pressure on the health sector, and I say it with a full mouth, as in all countries of the world, the number of injured people in the health sector is high, and during the past ten days this sector partially breathed a sigh of relief, and the number of injuries decreased in it. This is a useful and important strategy before opening the country after two weeks of closure.

3- Evaluating an epidemiological reality, we assess the epidemiological reality during these two weeks, and we have introduced, in addition to the PCR tests, rapid antigen and anti-body screening tests, all of which is the word for the behavior of the individual and society, so demands cannot be fulfilled without cooperation and preventive measures to avoid the high number of injuries “.

He concluded: “The balance between health and the economy must be achieved in order to move towards a safe economy, and health security is everyone’s responsibility. We take your demands into consideration, and the World Health Organization recommended the closure of 4 to 6 weeks, and we with the Corona Commission took the minimum period of closure, that is, two weeks, and we hope to get out.” Safe with distinguished assistance from the Ministry of the Interior. “

Regarding the reopening on Monday, Hassan stressed that this will be “based on the meeting of the National Corona Committee tomorrow, with today’s recommendations, and the result will of course be in accordance with the interest of society, taking into account the delicate balance between our need for the economy and the requirements of a decent living, but without exposing our society to a permanent health risk.” .


The head of the Parliamentary Economic Committee said, “We are awaiting the results of the closure, and if there is a balance between the interests of the health and economic sectors, the people are threatened with their existence, institutions are closed, and employees are threatened with dismissal.”

He added, “We were promised foreign aid, but it will be delayed, which threatens unemployment. To restore the economic wheel, we first need confidence, and the implementation of a clear plan for support and facing the risks Lebanon is going through.”


Alama asked: “How can we demand the private sector to carry out its duties when it needs its funds outstanding by the state as late dues?”

He said, “A complete and clear plan must be drawn up in light of a tragic situation, and in the face of this reality, the citizen must bear the responsibility for not adhering to the procedures.”


In turn, the head of the Beirut Merchants Association said: “In the spring of 2020, we won the battle, but confusion dominated from the health point of view, we retreated a lot and wasted time and the hospitals were not financially supported to equip them.”

He added, “The unity of the path and destiny must be adopted between health and the economy. During the current year, the number of closing days has reached its level, and merchants are among the most committed to it, but we cannot continue in this way due to the great cost of these closures and after stumbling has become the title of the commercial sector,” We cannot continue with it while electronic commerce has come to dominate consumer needs. “

The bowler

For his part, the Captain of Restaurant Owners and Patisserie said: “There is no doubt that the ministers specialize in their ministries and the Corona Committee is specialized in managing the epidemic crisis, but we are also production forces specializing in our sectors and we have a lot of experience and ideas to try to pass the stage with the least possible harm.”

He added, “We are not responsible for the institutions that did not comply because we are a guardianship authority and we are not an executive authority. We have issued statements and circulars, and all that we ask the state to protect obligated institutions from non-compliant institutions. We will not accept that the entire restaurant sector pays the price of not being responsible for the violating institutions.”

He continued: “All we ask today is to share minds and decisions in order to come up with a healthy-economic equation, and because Corona is a culture, law and a tripartite equation made up of the state, institutions and pioneers, and for our part, we will abide by any sound and realistic decision in which we share minds.”


The Chairman of the Commercial Complexes Committee, Michel Al-Abashi, touched on the problems that the sector suffers during the period of forced closure, and the heavy losses that this entails, noting that this sector has become one of the pillars on which the economy depends.


The Secretary General of the Supreme Defense Council said: “The committee did not call for the closure, but rather the cry launched by the Minister of Health and the Syndicate of Doctors and Hospitals. The committee issues recommendations to the Prime Minister’s state and there is a call to amend the fines and this needs laws, as well as the involvement of representatives from specific sectors that need to amend the law.”

He added, “We are trying to reconcile between health and the economy and between the citizen and the needs of the people.”

He concluded: “Unfortunately, some did not adhere to the procedures, and we are making the effort required to preserve the country and we are following up with the health sector and hospitals, and as a committee, we are ready to listen to all views.”


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