A Christmas Carol by “streaming”


The Old Vic in Waterloo is preparing for a live experience pool via streaming technology during the re-imposed lockdown period. 16 performances without an audience, to be performed by this space until next Christmas, from the play A Christmas Carol starring Andrew Lincoln as “Scrodge”.The show consists of 18 actors, and the organizers of The Old Vic appear confident that the show can take place between 12 and 24 December, despite the recent British government’s decision to close.
The work will be freely available to care homes across the UK and local schools. As for the others, 5,000 tickets will be offered per show. Given the scale of the production, stage operators say they do not expect to make a profit.
“In total, the production will employ 80 independent creators, actors and musicians, all of whom must respect the origins of social distancing, which means a higher level of artistic and creative complexity,” says Matthew Warschus, Artistic Director of The Old Vic and the forthcoming work director.
A Christmas Carol comes at a time when the performing arts are still one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, as art organizations have devised new ways to help artists and creators survive.


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