A burial and settlement for 42 farms in Ajban, Abu Dhabi, at a cost of 4 million dirhams


Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has completed the implementation of the dredging and settlement project and the internal and external dirt road network for 42 farms in the compensation site in Al Ajban area, at a total financial cost of 4 million 547 thousand dirhams, with the aim of settling and transporting farms away from the Etihad train route.
The project works included leveling an area of ​​1,170,885 square meters, constructing and paving the roads leading to the farms with a length of 6,134.19 meters with asphalt scraping, to facilitate the movement of transport between the farms, as well as the implementation of a net fence on the 42 farms, and the installation of gates, burial works, brushes and leveling sand and clutch materials For farms, squares, internal and external roads.


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