688 trucks loaded with Syrian goods entered the Saudi market


688 trucks loaded with Syrian goods entered the Saudi market

The Customs Authority assures that exports enter smoothly according to general regulations and instructions

Tuesday – 17 Rabi Al-Awal 1442 AH – 03 November 2020 AD Issue No. [

Grandmother: Saeed Al-White

The General Authority of Customs in Saudi Arabia confirmed the smooth flow of Syrian exports through the Saudi ports to the local markets, indicating that trucks coming from Syria have entered according to the followed regulations and instructions that include the application of all customs procedures as stipulated by the system.
The Customs Authority told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Al Haditha port – the border crossing for the flow of goods between the two countries on the northern borders of the Kingdom – recorded the passage of more than 688 trucks from August of 2016 until the end of last October. Loaded with goods through the port, while more than 799 trucks left Saudi territory during the same period.
The “Customs Authority” stated regarding the existence of requirements for the entry of Syrian trucks or a specific vehicle, that there is no specific mechanism or procedure to be taken specifically for Syrian trucks. Rather, the customs procedures followed in accordance with the regulations and instructions are applied to it like all trucks of other nationalities.
“All trucks are of different nationalities,” Customs said regarding the crossing process. Including the Syrian nationality, if it is coming to Saudi Arabia with the intention of crossing its territory to other destinations (transit), then it is subject to the conditions and controls of transit.
And about what were there specific Syrian goods to enter Saudi lands, the Saudi “customs” confirmed that “there are no specific goods; Rather, items and goods that are permitted to enter according to the regulations are allowed to enter the Kingdom, and materials and items that are forbidden to enter are prohibited, and there are restricted goods that are allowed entry after obtaining the clearance requirements from the competent authority.
On the other hand, sources working in the Saudi retail markets confirmed to “Asharq Al-Awsat” that Syrian products are available almost always. “They include various types of vegetables, fruits, and other products and commodities that are sold in many Saudi cities.”
Customs employees work in Saudi ports to implement all procedures and uncover violations, the last of which was the re-export of 15,000 sanitary ware products that include mixers of all kinds, and western toilets (single-flow, double-flow, and urine-flush); For not conforming to the Saudi standard specifications, during the third quarter of this year.
In a related; The General Authority for Foreign Trade announced earlier that Saudi Arabia is working on implementing a number of procedures and measures on its imports from countries that apply measures, procedures or restrictions on the Kingdom’s exports to it, which do not comply with its obligations in international agreements, by applying the principle of Reciprocity”; And in accordance with the implementation mechanisms in this regard, starting from the beginning of last July, after I noticed “the continued implementation of a number of countries of measures, requirements and procedures that do not comply with the texts and provisions of international economic and trade agreements.”



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