5 Most Watched Originals on Netflix in 2020


Despite all the damage inflicted on the film and drama industry this year due to the outbreak of the Corona virus; However, it seems that this did not happen to Netflix, whose creators know how to choose the original works that they are betting on, without being restrained by the fear of choosing unconventional stories or assigning the championship to non-famous stars necessarily, and these are the most important Netflix original series that have been released in recent months.

Life on the Chessboard

“The Queen’s Gambit” is a short drama series limited to 7 episodes, which was well received by the audience and critics, even receiving a rating of 8.8 on the artistic site “IMDb”, while the pioneers of the site “Rotten Tomatoes” awarded it 100% rating.

The work events took place in the 1950s and 1960s, and centered around “Beth Harmon”, a child whose mother commits suicide and is deposited in an orphanage, and there she discovers her inimitable talent for chess, which she develops with a little practice and a lot of imagination. Although playing the game at that time was restricted to males; However, the heroine knows how to prove herself, and even surpasses them, reaching the world and the spotlight.

The series, written by Scott Frank and Alan Scott, is based on the novel of the same name published by Walter Teves in 1983, and the starring was Anya Taylor Joy, who critics unanimously agreed on the uniqueness of her performance for the character. It is worth noting that the viewer does not have to love or know the game of chess to enjoy the work, because the plot is exciting and captivating, and the drama is intense and progressive.

Psychological drama with a taste of crime

If you are a fan of psychological drama of a mysterious nature with some suspense and crime, do not miss watching the series “Ratched”, which tells about a nurse who uses her powers and her work in a mental health facility to serve goals that no one thinks of.

This coincides first with the administration of the place by a doctor who is passionate about medical experiments, and he finds no objection to subjecting his patients to new or harsh treatment methods to reach satisfactory results, and secondly, the arrival of a serial killer to the hospital in order to assess him psychologically.

It is noteworthy that the nurse character, which actress Sarah Paulson excelled in, had previously presented during one of the most important films in international cinema, which is “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.

Another haunted house

After the huge success of the Netflix original series “The Haunting of Hill House” in 2018, and ranked 124 on IMDB’s list of the best 250 dramas, author and director Mike Flanagan returned to present a horror story. New, he bets on it and, according to the statistics, appears to have won.

The short and limited horror and science fiction series “The Haunting of Bly Manor” was able to attract viewers from all over the world to the top of the list of highest-watchers.

It is interesting that Flanagan chose the same cast of actors, even if he assigned them different roles this time, a step as daring as it seems suicidal and liable to failure, if the audience is not convinced of the performance of the heroes, and he succeeds in accepting their new characters, forgetting what they presented in the old series.

Biographical drama

“Unorthodox” is a German-American series, adapted from the book “No Orthodoxy: My Outrageous Rejection of my Hasidic Fundamentalism” by Jewish writer Deborah Feldman, which makes the work belong to an autobiographical drama, which was one of the factors that attracted the series because its story, with all its contents Of misery, real.

The events followed the flight of a Jewish girl – who has not yet completed 18 – from the outpost of militancy in which she lives in New York, and her return to Berlin, the first stop of persecution, which her grandparents have always suffered from murder and torture. Has the world changed so much?

Everyone loved him and the French hated him

Despite all the negative criticism directed by French critics of the series “Emily in Paris” due to the stereotyping of its plot against the French and their culture; However, that did not prevent him from becoming the most watched person on Netflix for weeks in Arab and foreign countries.

The work was released in one season of 10 episodes, directed by Andrew Fleming and starring Lily Collins, and it is suitable for fans of light series that combine comedy and romance, and also enjoy many beautiful landscapes and modern fashion suitable for lovers of fashion and color.

His story revolved around a young American woman who travels to Paris to convey the American perspective and contemporary marketing methods that are clearly based on communication platforms to the company’s branch there, unless you count his account that he was attacked in advance. Which puts her in the crosshairs of fire, whether from her manager or her colleagues, and in the midst of her attempts to win everyone’s affection by finding her work at times and her childish hasty ways at other times, the events follow.


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