$ 14 million in cash from George Clooney to his friends … a story told for the first time!


The American actor George Clooney (59 years) revealed, in an interview with “GQ” magazine, that he gave his close friends a huge gift of $ 14 million, and that it was a gesture of thanks for their support in his difficult times.In 2017, one of Clooney’s close friends, Randy Gerber, told him in an interview on MSNBC television about the story of Clooney giving him and 13 other friends a million dollars in cash in a suitcase, but Clooney did not comment. On the news, for sure or not at the time.

In an interview published by “GQ” magazine yesterday, he could not resist telling this interesting story, so he said, “I had just met Amal and I at this time, I was celibate and very old, so I was 52 years old, and most of my friends are older than me, this was a year 2013. ‘And Clooney added, “Gravity” was about to appear, and because they didn’t want to pay us because they thought it would be a failure, they gave us a percentage of the movie’s profits, but in fact it was a good deal.

The film made for Clooney unexpected financial gains, so he had a lot of money, and he did not have a family yet, and here the idea came to him, and he added, “When I thought, I found that what I have in fact is these men who helped me all in one way or another over 35 years. I slept on their couches when I went through financial crises. “”They lent me money when I was broke, and they helped me whenever I needed them over the years. I also helped them,” he said. “We are all good friends, and had it not been for them I would not have had any of this money.”

The next day, Clooney invited his friends to his house, and in his interview he said, “I showed them a map, I pointed to all the places that I went to around the world and all the things that I would see because of them, and I said how can friends like these be rewarded? Well, what do you think of a million dollars?

He added, “They are my close friends, and if I had an accident and a bus hit me, they would all be in my will, so why should I wait for a bus to hit me?” He stressed that the amount is not as much as you think in terms of weight, and that he did not tell anyone what he was doing except his assistant and two security men .

Clooney responded to the question that often occurred to your mind at the time of reading the news, which is how he traveled with this huge amount, answering that he had collected money and divided it into 14 travel bags, and put it in an old truck with “Florist” written on it, and it seems that he was greatly influenced by his role in a series of films Ocean’s.

Clooney ended his story by saying, “The interesting part about this story is that it was on September 27 and 28, 2013, and only a year later, by chance was the day of my marriage.”

He talked about his marriage, which changed his life completely, saying, “At this time, I used to think that I would never marry or bear children. I have my work and good friends. My life is complete and I am fine, but I did not know how incomplete my life was until I met Amal.”

And 6 years have passed since his marriage to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, and he has twins Ella and Alexander, who are 3 years old, and he talked about them, saying, “I never thought before that another person’s life could be more important to me than my life, but with the little ones entering my life Things have changed. “


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