12 thousand episodes of The Young and the Restless


On December 1, The Young and the Restless crosses a new threshold.The American CBS network, which has been showing the drama that has continued since 1973, has reported that for 47 years it has been part of the daily lives of millions of Americans, and that it will reach its 12,000th episode next Tuesday.
Tens of millions of people in several countries watch The Young and the Restless in English, while the plot revolves around a number of families in a city in the US state of Wisconsin.
On the occasion, CBS noted a “special” week that will be early Monday, and will include memories from the history of the series and the return of some of its beloved characters. The series’s followers will also be able to relive “some of the love stories that were included in the series, such as the story of Victor and Nikki Newman.”


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