Zubeida Tharwat talks about the details of Pele falling in love with her at first sight


Social media users and followers re-circulated a video clip of the Egyptian actressZubaida TharwatIn it, you talked about the occurrence of the Brazilian soccer playerPelletI love her at first sight, and that’s when they met inKuwait​.
Tharwat said that Pele was pursuing her on the phone across continents and asking her to marry, and she explained that a Kuwaiti minister invited her to attend the opening of a festival in 1973 in Kuwait, and it happened when she arrived and entered the hotel, that she found in his salon crowded around a young man surrounded by wreaths and roses sent by fans, and that was nothing but Pellet.
And she continued, “He wore a flower collar on me, and I did not know who was here, and I found him in Egypt, talking to me on the phone.”


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