Zoom on childhood / solutions to immunize the child’s mental health


Yusra Al-Sheikhawy

In order to build an active individual in society and an element that achieves addition in his surroundings, it is necessary to give the necessary importance to mental health and to immunize it from every imbalance from the early stages of the formation of the fetus in the womb of its mother, even before its formation.

The immunization of the child’s mental health is not related to the stage of childhood, but extends it to before the formation of the fetus, as the relationship between the parents affects the health of the child, according to the statement of the head of the Tunisian Association for the Protection of Child Rights, Moez Cherif.

And before he went into the mental health of the child in the demonstration celebrating the International Day of Mental Health in the Karman space, he did not miss the opportunity to talk about the field of childhood as a creative space and a source of hope and optimism, refuting some misconceptions in dealing with children and trying to drop previous generations of his representations of life on subsequent generations.

Through children, societies are renewed. Therefore, it is necessary to break with stereotypical visions in dealing with them, especially in the family environment, as the relationship should not be based on creating a feeling in the child that he owes his parents, which may cause him at some point a state of frustration, according to Moez Al-Sharif. .

In order to bring about a parallel in the child’s mental health, some parents must get rid of passing cases of pessimism, anger and discontent on the environment and society to their children and not make them feel that they are a burden and a heavy burden, according to Al-Sharif.

Regarding other solutions to immunize the child’s mental health, the Sharif points out that the relationship between the mother, father and child should not be based on the sacrifice rhetoric adopted by one of the parents so that they do not carry the children the debt of their birth.

And the relationship between parents and children should not be a relationship of domination and domination, according to him, but rather a relationship of interaction in all periods, starting from the first stage of marriage and the beginning of the two partners’ familiarity with each other.

Given that parents do not choose their children, nor do children choose their guardians, the relationship between them is difficult and complex and must be series and based on discussion and attempt, not on an ancient legacy that deepens the gap between generations, but rather creates conflicts between them, he said.

And the specialist who spent decades of his life in the field of childhood, considers every child a project of the parents and must be one of his priorities and not to deal with the child as if he owes them everything they do for him.

In a related context, he believes that the child’s growing up in a convulsive climate characterized by a lack of dialogue and a lot of ignorance in raising children is a societal disaster, pointing out that childbirth is one of the most difficult life exams just as children are taught and paying attention to the details of their lives in a sensitive age period.

The proximity of fathers to children is very important in their mental health, meaning that it is necessary for them to take care of their affairs just as mothers do, and breastfeeding is a very important point, according to the words of our interlocutor, who presented some solutions to preserve the psychological balance of children in points that may require an explanation of chapters.


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