Zamalek regain “Obama” before facing hope in the final card victory


The technical staff of Zamalek, led by the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, begins to close all the various files starting from Tuesday, on top of which is the league file after the completion of the Ismaili confrontation at the end of the premier league competitions, which were absent from the bilateral Hazem Imam, the right back of the team, and Youssef Obama, the maker Al-Abyad Games, for injury, as Imam is currently undergoing an intensive qualification program in order to prepare him for the next confrontation against Raja after he was absent from the last matches of the team due to his injury in the front muscle, and was refused to risk him in the Dervish match to prepare him to face the Moroccan club, while the team will restore to Obama’s efforts After recovering from the minor pains inflicted on him in the foot, which led to his exclusion from the Ismaili meeting, so that his injury would not be exacerbated by being one of the basic elements on which Pacheco relied on to make a difference and much relied upon in the upcoming confrontation in front of Raja..

While the Moroccan Raja team is expected to arrive in Cairo, next Friday, in preparation for the next confrontation with Zamalek, after the team’s travel date to Cairo has been postponed more than once, as the Moroccan team underwent a Corona swab during the last hours and officials hope that the players will recover in The coming period, in order to return to training and prepare to face the White well, especially since according to the assurances of the Zamalek administration that the Confederation of African Football is “enough”, the return match will not be postponed again, and that if the Moroccan team does not attend to Cairo, it will be considered withdrawn after it has been postponed. The match until next Sunday, because the Moroccan authorities did not allow the Moroccan team to travel to Cairo last week, due to cases of Corona virus that struck the team, which are expected to recover in the coming period, in order to prepare for the confrontation of the White.

And meet Zamalek Next Sunday, with Moroccan Raja, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, after the match was postponed to this date due to cases of Corona virus that hit the Moroccan team.


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