Zahran’s tweet “disturbs” the national trend!


Journalist Salem Zahran’s tweet sparked “resentment” within the ranks of the Free Patriotic Movement.Zahran’s tweet included: “With the page of the two months closed on the Beirut explosion, it is the duty of the judicial investigator to announce clearly and frankly what the investigations have reached. Adding: To expedite the sealing of the file and send it to the public prosecutor for review, and then issue the indictment that awaits the families of the victims as well as the public opinion.” .

As soon as Zahran tweeted, Ziad Aswad, the deputy of the Strong Lebanon Bloc, wrote on his Twitter account: “How do you know that interfering with a judicial file exists when you hear the demand to end the investigations of the port file to avoid follow-up to some administrative and political judicial security officials. The masterpiece of the spokesman for those involved has become clear. Do not forget the ministers, judges, the Supreme Council of Customs and others if you want. “

Likewise, Zahran’s tweet witnessed a comment from a political activist close to the movement, Fawzi Mishlab, who wrote: “Gharib, the investigation is over? Where are the responsibilities of the security, judicial, and ministerial leaderships? What is required of him to conduct a serious investigation and stop me. They must stop and some of the wronged detainees appear. No, the best will step down and all the judges have done me wrong with the nitrate file.


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