Yousra “I left medicine in order to paint colors all my life


10/26 08:50

After she traveled a long way inside the walls of the College of Pharmacy, graduating with distinction, and entering the Egyptian labor market, Yusra Wahba decided to abandon the “white petticoat”.

The Egyptian girl left her work in the medical field, which worked hard in order to reach the summit, because of her love for colors and drawing, as she was distinguished by it from the very young age of her nails. Artist from 23 countries from around the world.

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Yousra, during her recent works, always tries to show the ancient Egyptian heritage, along with the other different cultures that she was able to identify after she devoted her full time to her artistic work and left the field of medicine that she practiced for a short period of time after her graduation from the College of Pharmacy.

Yousra told Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya that the decision to change its path from medicine to plastic art came after long reflection, and that “the field of plastic art has become the most likely to be the lover of this field strongly, especially since I did not imagine my life without colors, drawings and paintings that express Our Egyptian character is beside the different cultures. ”

She added that the World Arts Exhibition in Dubai was a great and distinctive step in this field, given that I participated in this exhibition with many works of art, which numbered nearly 9 paintings, all of which were well received by the participants, as well as that I was able to learn about other cultures that helped me during the period. Coming to present a different artwork.

The artist confirmed that her presence in Dubai encouraged her to continue in the field of painting due to the abundance of capabilities and a healthy environment that helps the painter to work continuously without stopping.


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