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World News Today World News Today – to Google Maps users … Learn about its latest features. Source of the news – News agencies with details of the news to Google Maps users … Learn about its latest features:

World News Today – Friday, October 16, 2020 Source in CALAT: Google announced new features that will be added to its search maps.

Google hosted the “Search On” event, which highlighted some of the latest features of Google Search and related products such as Assistant and Maps.

During the event, Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Google’s search and assistant division, said: “Busy indicators will soon appear directly on the map.”

Google Maps will place indicators such as “usually as busy as you get” and “usually not too busy” under the site names in order to help people make informed decisions in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Judgeest.

The Business feature, which allows users to see how busy a place is, was launched in 2016, and Google said interaction with it rose by 50 percent between March and May of this year.

According to the Arab portal for technical news, this feature is one of the most useful features in the Google Maps application, especially in the era of social distancing, because it means the ability to know how busy the restaurant or other business is before your arrival, and soon Google Maps will be able to show how busy the place is directly in Map display.

Google Maps provided indicators of occupancy, the ability to roughly know the number of people in a particular place, and even compare that to the normal number of people that day and time, and as is the case today.

The user needs to click on a specific location menu in Maps to find the occupancy indicator.

Likewise, Google Maps on Android and iOS will be able to show you how busy the place is when navigating to that location.

As for when these new features of busyness indicators will arrive in Maps, the only timeline that Google provided was the word “soon”.

Google said it is expanding its live occupancy information to more places around the world and is on track to increase global coverage by five times compared to June 2020.

She pointed out that the expansion will include more outdoor areas such as beaches, parks, and more important places such as grocery stores, gas stations, laundries and pharmacies.

The company said that Android and iOS users will soon be able to use the Live View feature on Google Maps to learn more about the business, so if you wander around a neighborhood and a store catches your eye, you can use Live View to see if it’s open quickly, how busy it is, and health information. And safety related to it if available, and its star rating, just by pointing towards the phone’s camera, and Live View only works on AR compatible phones.

Google has also launched a large group of ads, all aiming to improve its core product, which is search. In (Search On Event), the company made clear that it will focus on using artificial intelligence to help its users, and among the new features is a new algorithm to better deal with spelling errors in User inquiries, the ability to discover songs from buzz and new tools to help students with homework, Google has also announced updates to Google Lens and other search-related tools.

The Google event – which was broadcast live – was in order to share many new developments in search arrangement, which were made possible by the company’s latest research in artificial intelligence.

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